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Terms and Conditions

Saber Rentals should be reserved 3 to 4 weeks prior to the event date to ensure availability and timely delivery.

The Saber Rental price includes a $100 deposit that will be refunded upon the timely return (within 10 days following the event) and condition of the sabers upon arrival.

Shipping costs include delivery and return charges.

Services and responsibilities provided by the AOG:

1) A Saber Rental Set (quantity of 6 or 8) Cadet sabers, scabbards, belts, and buckles will be shipped and insured for the value of $1500 via FedEx 10 days prior to the scheduled event to ensure the rental arrives on time.

2) The AOG will not ship this rental to a PO, AOP, DPO or FPO Box as our preferred shipping service does not accept these delivery destinations. A signature is required at the final delivery destination.

3) A pickup option is available upon purchase.  The pickup location is as follows: Association of Graduates, Doolittle Hall, 3116 Academy Drive, USAF Academy, CO 80840.

4) Once the returned saber rental is received at our facility, a $100 deposit will be returned to the renter’s purchasing card on file. The rental return deposit is contingent on a timely return (within 10 days following the event) and condition of the sabers upon arrival.

Renter’s Responsibilities:

1) Upon arrival, please inspect the rental package to confirm there is no damage or need for replacements. Inform the AOG as soon as possible if a replacement is required.

2) Return instructions, a Fed Ex return shipping label and zip ties to secure the saber case will be included in the rental case upon arrival.

3)  The Saber Rental return should be received within 10 days following the event.  Late returns will result in a loss of the return deposit.

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